4 - State Microwave Group
Arkansas - Kansas - Missouri - Oklahoma

Transmitting Amplifiers

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902 MHz - 33 cm

1296 MHz - 23 cm

"The Bodger's Guide to LDMOS Power Amplifiers" John Worsnop G4BAO

"A 45 Watt Amplifier for 23 cm."

2304 MHz - 13 cm

3.456 GHz

5.6 GHz

10 GHz - 3 cm

Above 10 GHz

DEMI 3-3PA amplifier

Active device (Eudyna FM5061VF) not yet installed. When completed, my transverter (DEMI 10mW) was able to drive this amp to 4W out. Of course, you wouldn't want to run it long at that level. I adjusted my transverter output so that I am getting 2W out of the amp. Demi says it's OK to run at 3W, but I'm conservative and want the (expensive) device to last a LONG time! --N0EDV

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