Greetings from Bloomer, WI in grid EN45fa. My name is Scott. I've been a ham since 1982. I have equipment for bands from 160M through 902 and 10 GHz up and running. As of November 2009, I am working on finishing up my W1GHZ 1296 (RSU) transverter. I have it putting out about 4 mW and am working to get the LO and spurious emissions a bit lower by utilizing some microwave absorber material. Right now, I'm using the top off an Ore-Ida Easy Fries microwave box. It has the gray inside and this stuff absorbs microwave energy. No idea on what frequencies it will work at, but putting a piece so that it is about 1/2 inch above the PC filter on the LO board (which puts it between this filter and the 1296 PC filter on the transverter board has helped lower the LO leakage coming out of the transverter and has helped keep the output power up when the case lid is closed.

Before adding this stuff, I had about 6 mW out with the lid open. If I closed the lid, output dropped to about 500 microwatts! Now it goes from about 4.2 mW open to 4 mW closed. The external amplifier will have an interdigital filter inside to hopefully reduce all non-1296 signals to an acceptable level. You can see most of my stuff and anything I happen to have for sale at my ham radio page at http://corbenflyer.tripod.com Finished up my 200W amplifier for 902 MHz last week. It seems to play very well. It is a converted CDMA amplifier. 1W of drive gives me 100W out. 3W gives me just about 200W out. 73, Hope to see you on the microwaves!

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