Hi, I'm AE5K and am located in the northern Arkansas Ozarks. More specifically, I am about 12 miles due south of Yellville, Arkansas. My name is Don Jackson and I've been a licensed Radio Amateur (ham) since 1953 -- making me a rather old timer. I can be contacted via email at the address given on my own web page:

Here is a photo of me and my wife Carol, W5CSJ, taken at Field Day in 2005:

My location is very poor for most modes of microwave communication due to being down in a "hollar". Our 40 acres is isolated, contains mostly trees and very little flat space. So I expect most of my microwave operating will be as a "rover", or as portable operation from hilltops and mountaintops.

Right now, I've acquired some older 1296 MHz equipment: a 144 to 1296 transverter of NTMS design along with a low noise pre-amp and a transmit amplifier. This should give me about 15 watts output and fairly good ears. I plan to use my home-built DSP-10 two meter transceiver as "I.F." rig. The antenna is still yet to be determined, but most likely will be a yagi.

Here are some pictures of my NTMS 1296 transverter:

and the transmit power amplifier plus receive low noise pre-amp:

As of end of January, 2012, K5QNM and I are getting closer to our first interstate contact on 1296 MHz. We've been "at it" for ages, but too many other distractions and side trips have always gotten in the way. More on this as it develops.

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