4 - State Microwave Group
Arkansas - Kansas - Missouri - Oklahoma


We have concluded the group buy of components needed to construct the various transverters designed by Paul, W1GHZ. The purpose of this group buy was to make it easier with one-stop shopping and at the same time eliminate redundant shipping costs and to take advantage of quantity price breaks. Sorry, it is too late to get into this group buy.


The following steps outlines the path we followed for this "4-State Microwave Group" group buy:

  • COMPLETED - An "Interest List" will be circulated to our group members and others to solicit what interest and quantities we need to anticipate. This list will have approximate prices, figured on a best estimate of quantities and related costs. It should tell us what price brackets we will order in and allow us to refigure prices up or down as appropriate.
  • COMPLETED - An actual "Order Form" will be produced and available with a few revised prices. This will be a web page order cart system.
  • COMPLETED - Orders were being accepted until the deadline of March 21. Ordering now closed.
  • COMPLETED - Orders to our vendors (MiniCircuits, W1GHZ, DigiKey, Mouser, etc.) placed.
  • COMPLETED - All parts received except for the PCBs. (see below for that step).
  • COMPLETED - Gary (K5QNM) and Don (AE5K) will kit the orders with exception of PCBs.
  • COMPLETED - PCBs received from W1GHZ.
  • COMPLETED - 41 of 49 orders have been shipped and recipient notified of tracking number where available via personal email.
  • COMPLETED - Waiting for correct 9 PCBs to be received from W1GHZ. (this due to AE5K error in ordering)
  • COMPLETED - Final shipments to the 8 who ordered 1296USD.
  • COMPLETED - Excess funds refunded via PayPal.

    Here's a couple photos showing some of the packaging prototypes -- note that the strips of surface mount parts are taped to the printed sheet of paper showing their values and schematic designators. Parts are easily removed with a hobby type Xacto knife as they are needed in construction. The static sensitive semiconductor parts remain protected in their original packaging until the builder removes them. Through-hole type parts are packed together and easy to identify by the markings on them (not the case with some SMT parts!).

    The major work in kitting was done with two full days work at Gary's QTH on March 31 and April 1. Here's a few snapshots of the work in progress.

    The two volunteers behind this group buy met for lunch on Saturday, Feb. 28, to discuss plans and details. Below is a "mug shot" of us ... Gary (K5QNM) on the left, Don (AE5K) on the right.


    We probably really need a lawyer to draft the legalese, but we cannot be held responsible for the design or operation of finished transverters. We promise to do our best at finding the proper parts, buying and shipping them to you, all in a timely manner. All in the "ham spirit" of things.


    Please now refer to revised web pages here.


    He writes:

    I plan to write about the simple transverters in my next QST Microwavelengths column, and would like to include some pictures from others, showing how they have packaged them into a complete transverter. so, if you'd like to be included and can send me a picture of a completed (or almost complete) transverter by mid-July, this is your chance to be slightly famous!

    a few suggestions for photos:

    everyone has a digital camera - 4 to 6 megapixels is adequate (not a cellphone camera)

  • put it on a tripod, if possible
  • a solid color background is preferred - I use disposable tablecloths from the supermarket
  • even lighting is important. in the morning or late afternoon of a bright day, in the shade on the shady side of the house with an open sky will give even light
  • turn off the flash, shiny metal reflects too much
  • fill the frame, so you use all the pixels you paid for. a small image in the middle of a photo loses resolution. use macro setting when close
  • shoot from different angles - try to show the important parts
  • even if you don't get it done in time, send a picture when you do -- I like to see hams homebrewing


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