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This website and its pages are for fulfilling the mission of promoting experimentation and communication in our 4-state area primarily for the microwave frequencies of 902 MHz and higher. If you have something of interest that might be displayed here, please email the webmaster AE5K.

4Smicrowave Discussion List

The 4-State Microwave Group is dedicated to promoting experimentation and communication for Amateur Radio Operators in the 4-state area including Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma on frequencies of 902 MHz and higher. To further this aim, an email discussion list (also known as a reflector) has been established and is open to subscriber membership. You must sign up in order to post a message to the list. Interested persons from all areas are welcome to subscribe -- it is not restricted to the 4-state area, but we would expect all list messages to be of interest to list members in the 4-state area.

To sign up, go to web page http://groups.yahoo.com/group/4sMicrowave/

Microwave Stations

This section is to list Amateur Radio microwave stations who are active on frequencies of 902 MHz and higher. Included for some is an individual web page to tell something about themselves and to display anything related to ham microwave.

Technical Stuff

On these pages, we list various subjects applicable to our interests such as antennas, pre-amps, etc.

The W1GHZ "Simple and Cheap" Transverters

Our group conducted a group buy some years ago for components of the W1GHZ transverters. Here are the reference pages for construction of these "simple and cheap" transverters for the 902, 1296, 2304, and 3456 MHz bands. Go HERE for the information!

Beginner's Guide

Presently you will find "Page not found" if you click on the link. Any volunteers to help write up something. We have the space and resources! Contact AE5K if you can help on this.

Links and Resources

Here we find some links to other websites, publications, etc. that my be of interest to our group. If you know of other good resources, please email the info to the webmaster AE5K.

About this website

This website is provided by AE5K as a service to the microwave ham community. Comments and technical contributions are welcome. The webmaster (AE5K) may be contacted at the email address shown in the CONTACT PAGE

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